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Up Top is equipped for professional audio recording, mixing, and production. The studio provides two live tracking spaces- a large room that caters to a live band, and a smaller room for more acoustic control, for example drum and vocal tracking. The space is flexible for a variety of set ups and we can work with you to organise the best use of the space for your project.

The studio also has a selection of microphones, amps, guitars, and synths at your disposal. We have a range of acoustic treatments including four large, and four small gobbos, that can be moved to suit your needs.

beautiful Yamaha PM1000 mixing console offers x16 warm analogue channels. The desk was built in 1972 to mimic the Neves of the same era and is widely regarded as the "Japaneve". Interestingly, this particular desk was brought over from Electric Lady Land, NY.


The studio has been designed to make tracking and routing audio very straightforward, incorporating 'the best of both worlds' approach. If artists would prefer to go straight in to digitally handle their music then they can route straight into UAD Interfaces (x16, 8P, and Twin) .



Yamaha PM-1000 Mixing Desk
UAD Apollo 8p

UAD Twin Duo
UAD Satellite Quad
UAD Apollo x16

Focusrite Scarlett Octopre 
ADAM A7X Speakers
UA Twinfinity



Rode NT1A
AKG C414 Matched Pair
Shure SM57 x 5
Shure Beta 52
Shure SM7B
Townsend Sphere
Senhiesser Md - 421 x2
AKG D112
SE 8 matched pair pencils
SE 5600A


Yamaha Oak Custom 
Yamaha Stage Custom
Yamaha Stage Custom Snare
Akira Jimbo Yamaha Custom
Various Cymbals

Juno 60 
Moog Sub 37
Dave Smith Prophet X
Roland A - 88 Weighted Controller

Komplete Kontrol S49
Crumar Seven


Equipment is ever evolving with new gear coming in and some gear being loaned so please enquire if your project has specific needs. 


Les Paul standard
Hofner Senator 1959
Squire Stratocaster
Unbranded Telecaster
Ubranded D18 acoustic
Westfield RBJ67 Bass
Epiphone SG Bass


Fender Blues De Ville 4x10
Laney VC30
Yamaha YTA 95
Matamp Bespoke

many pedals...







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